Inspiring Journey of a man who has no neck, but aspires to touch sky

90 Day Fiancé ballot star "Big Ed" Brown (real name Edward Allen Brown) became a viral sensation on the internet after he came to the reality show. The reality TV star opened up about KFS to the media, a rare pattern affecting his neck.

90 Day Fiancé ballot star “Big Ed” Brown (real name Edward Allen Brown) became a viral sensation on the internet after he came to the reality show. The reality TV star opened up about KFS to the media, a rare pattern affecting his neck.

Ever since he became notorious, Big Ed has dealt with numerous body-smirching observers who do not understand his condition and aren’t stopping from body-smirching him. Still, the 55- time-old is used to drawing gaps and reviewing as he has learned to live his life that way ever since he was diagnosed with the rare symptoms.


Let’s go deep into what’s KFS. Klippel Feil pattern( KFS) is a condition which affects the development of the bones in the chine. People with KFS are born with an abnormal emulsion of at least two spinal bones (chines) in the neck.

People with KFS are at threat of severe spinal injury. KFS can do this along with other types of birth blights, and occasionally KFS occurs as a point of another complaint or pattern.

The cause of utmost cases of KFS is unknown, but occasionally it’s caused by inheritable differences in one of several different genes. This condition is diagnosed grounded on a clinical examination, the symptoms, and imaging studies.

According to studies, Klippel-Feil syndrome (KFS) happens in about 1 in 40,000 to 42,000 newborns worldwide. Few Klippel-Feil syndromes(KFS) symptoms may be visible on ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Even though it can be seen at a time after the delivery, it usually takes up to 10 years to show its full symptoms. It’s also very easy to defect it in 2 teenage years. However, sometimes the symptoms might not even be there. Ed tends to embrace reviews by playing into the addicted sport and laughing down with them. Keeping away the review, he has managed to earn over$ 100K simply by making funny vids and amusing others.

Big Ed participated that he has learned to embrace his complaint and how to attack negativity. He also says that he hopes his outlook on life could inspire people with body image issues.


Digging into his Instagram page, we learned that the star had quite a rough childhood because of his physical appearance. He shared a story of how once when he asked a girl on the swing to let him play, she kept denying he forcefully pushed her to get on it. This turned her so crazy that she couldn’t simply take it and threw a brick on Ed’s head.

Next, when he opened his eyes, he saw a doctor with a long needle in his hand, ready to go across his head. He says no matter how funny it seems now, it is not a good thing to do.

Children should be taught to respect each other and not bully others. He shared many more things he went through as a child that had left him in trauma and took years to recover from. He constantly puts up stories about three bullyings and asks people not to be a part of it as they don’t know what goes through the person being bullied.

Ed also has a different personality on social media. He ensures that he keeps his audience engaged through hilarious videos of his. Even though he suffers so much, he says he believes there’s always a silver lining to a cloud.

He says his physical appearance is different from other people’s, but he won’t let others criticise him and stand out. He said I learned at a young age that I could let this condition define who I am or accept that god made me this way.

Adding to that, he said although he coped to learning with it, things turned out to be challenging when he first became famous because the critics were not a group of people walking down the street but people worldwide. All his bad memories came back when the show came out on television.

There were days it was difficult for him to get out of bed due to hate. He rapidly started receiving letters from fans inspired by his condition and how he gave them motivation and home to keep going.

He also added that he would never turn down a fan for photographs because he cherishes what he has and wouldn’t ever want to take it for granted. Big ED is continuing his journey in the 90days fiancés franchise with the Discovery+ show and other shows.

Ed’s life has been quite a journey that we all can relate to concerning body issues. But the star has shown everyone how to deal with it, and it’s best sometimes to laugh things away.

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