iPhone 13: More specs, price and release date related leaks

iPhone 13 is close to its usual release schedule, which is September. Although we do not have an exact release date, a new report shows that this smartphone will go on sale in the third week of September. LiDAR sensor, it said in the report. However, a previous report disagrees that this feature will be limited to Pro models. In addition, smartphones can have a permanent display function, and its implementation should be similar to Apple Watch Series 6.

As mentioned earlier. It is expected that the front of the iPhone 13 will also have some design changes, the most important of which is the appearance of truncated bangs. In addition, the device can become thicker and see larger lenses. The increase in width may be due to the placement of larger batteries. But that’s not all, we have collected a lot of information about the iPhone 13, so needless to say, let’s talk more about it.

The new iPhone 13 report gives the concept of expected release time. According to security analyst Daniel Ives, the smartphone may be available in the third week of September. Apple is very much in line with its next-generation iPhone, and the brand may follow suit later this year.

Looking ahead, Wedbush analysts claim that iPhone 13 will get up to 1TB of internal storage space. TrendForce denied this fact last month, saying that the next product line will be equipped with memory similar to the iPhone 12 series. The current memory limit is 512GB. If the leak proves to be true, it will be a worthwhile change.

The design of the iPhone 13 may be almost the same as the design of the current generation of iPhones. However, as seen in many comments, it should have a reduced gap. It is said that Apple achieves this goal by integrating infrared transmitters, sensors, and point projectors in a single module. The headset also moves upward.

Apple usually releases its next-generation iPhone in September each year, and future models should do the same, but a new report by Daniel Ives suggests that the iPhone 13 may be released in the third week. September. They did not provide much information about the price of the iPhone 13. However, a TrendForce report stated that this year’s prices will remain unchanged. The basic version of the iPhone 12 is priced at 79,990 rupees, so the price of the iPhone 13 may be similar in the country.

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