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Last week, an ISO image of the preview version of Windows 11 appeared on the Internet. The image will be officially released on June 24. Fans can learn about the changes made by developers to the software platform. There are reports that may support third-party widgets; it is now known that an active Internet connection is required to complete the initial Windows 11 Home Edition installation process.

It is worth noting that the software giant has long insisted that users use their Microsoft accounts when setting up Windows. You can skip this step by unplugging the Ethernet cable and selecting “I don’t have Internet” to continue the installation process and create a local account. According to sources, this does not apply to Windows 11 Home; unless Microsoft makes appropriate changes to the stable version of the operating system.

Fans who tried the initial Windows 11 setup process on multiple virtual machines and found that there was no “I don’t have Internet” option on the Wi-Fi Internet connection screen to create a local account. However, enthusiasts have found a solution, although it seems strange: the result is that pressing Alt + F4 on the Internet connection page will directly go to the menu for creating a local account.

At this time, we don’t know whether developers plan to more actively promote the use of Microsoft accounts when setting up Windows 11 for the first time, or whether the process will be similar to Windows 10 in the stable operating system. Even before the announcement, Microsoft had a clear plan to bring widgets back to the operating system. Projects that exist in Windows 7.

Now we know that Windows 11 may support third-party widgets. This beta version includes news and interest widgets provided to Windows 10 users earlier this year. The work of widgets does not end there. Sources said that Windows 11 initially supports Microsoft widgets, but then third-party products can be used; allowing users to customize the operating system interface according to their preferences.

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