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Nowadays, companies are looking for personalized ways to interact with customers, and chatbots with AI and predictive capabilities are becoming an integral part of customer interaction-as more and more customers choose to make purchases through chat. Compared with the website. And applications, thanks to a personalized store-like experience, faster response time and 24/7 customer support.

IIT alumni Aniket Bajpai and Nikhil Gupta entered this lucrative market with a incredible focus on D2C brands. Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and other chat tools to help brands increase website conversion rates dramatically. The second entrepreneur Aniket and Nikhil co-founded another startup Konscience, which is now currently active in the field of social media analysis.

In the first round of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, Nikhil was Gurgaon’s AI technology. Personalized and natural communication with customers. Most chatbots can only receive predefined fixed answers and cannot answer unplanned questions. The co-founder explained that the LimeChat bot can receive free text answers, single word answers, spelling errors and all many more.

At the same time, understand what the customer is trying to convey in order to provide the most relevant information. Sales chatbots can provide an overall shopping experience by chatting on the website, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Nikhil added that the interaction rate of LimeChat level 3 advanced bots is 53% higher than level 2 bots, and LimeChat bots first attract users when they visit the customer’s website to reflect the customer’s intentions.

Then, ask questions about the customer’s preferences to showcase the best products while achieving ultra-personalized purchases. Experience and reduce the time and effort required for the customer to research and do the decision making. The start-up company did not disclose the price range. The co-founder added that the 30-person team is also experimenting with other revenue models.

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