3-D printing possible on moon, yes seriously, you read it right. In order to accomplish this kind of work, the team developed a 3D printer called Vulcan. Vulcan is just a machine that can be configured to print paper up to 2.6 meters, 8.5 meters wide and 21.3 meters long.

Yes, your family can print about 7 inches per second. If this is not the future, I don’t know what will happen. Olympus’s announced project to build facilities on the moon also brought some problems. One of the main problems is building materials. What kind of moon can you wear? Well, a lot of dust. Vulcan currently uses a material called Lavacrete, which is basically a flowable concrete that can quickly harden and form layer by layer walls. But imagine what it would be like to transport millions of pounds of concrete for construction.

The concept of this shoe is called a lunar spring ejection device, which aims to solve the problems caused by engine exhaust hitting the dusty surface of the moon. To this end, the platform has a two-tier structure. The first layer serves as a landing pad for the missile, and the second layer helps to divert the exhaust gas flow from the structure and keep the dust within certain parameters.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago, the three teams got together to create another 3D printed rocket platform, this time to test the design of the rocket engine under static fire. During the test, the team used instruments to measure temperature and voltage. Wait for the exhaust volume to determine whether changes or improvements can be made. The results have not yet been announced.

In order to learn how to print on the moon, ICON and students from ten universities in the United States conducted hard work in October 2020. ICON, its partner MMPACT and a group of students formed a team and built a prototype of the landing site, which was built entirely based on materials found on the moon. Officer, can we build on the moon now? In theory, yes. In practice, there are still some obstacles to overcome. One of them is the demand for water.

I really have a feeling that people are now closer than ever to realizing their dream of colonizing other planets and moons. After several such tests, it feels like I can see the lunar colonies in my life. Young people, please keep working hard!

By Vil Joe

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