Google is No More Working on Project “Dragonfly”

Google has faced a lot of criticism because of its project as related to Chinese Search Engine. It appears that Google has stopped this project and now there is no data collection happening. People in the USA, as well as the employees of Google, were also quite disappointed with the project. So, now when the news of Project Dragonfly getting halt has come up, these people should be quite happy.

In one of the reports, it was suggested that Google employees were quite sad because this project was kept secret from them. But this should come as a sigh of relief to them because this project is shut and the data collection came to halt. Google has not yet said anything on this. Bu internal sources say that the engineers who were working on this project have been shifted to some other tasks and they have been told to keep away from the project DragonFly. It seems that it is the political pressure that China has should be one of the reasons of the employees feeling that they do not want to work on this project. But in an open letter, Google’s employees have said that it is not about China, basically, it is because of the democracy that the country has been taking away.

Chinese Government had even before launched a search engine and then plugged the same off. The basic reason being freedom of speech, this project was quite on the toss. Google should not take such project at hand that would block things! Now, since the reports suggest that the Chinese Search Engine Plans lie nowhere in future, it is good news for the people in the USA who have always criticized the actions of the Chinese Government and Google! When we get more news on this we will update you for sure!

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