Google Has no Plans to Launch Facial Recognition Technology in its Gadgets Right Now

Microsoft had invented Facial Recognition Technology. But there has been some pressure all over the world in regards to careful use of technology. But Google has already said that it has no plans to inculcate this facial recognition technology in their gadgets. Many questions would come up if the technology is used at this point. So, at this point, there are some of the policies to be questioned, and so Google just doesn’t want to take a chance. So, as per Google Cloud, there would be no use of this facial recognition technology for the general purpose.

There is a difference between developing and making reasonable and responsible use of the relevant technology. It is believed that at this point, this technology would be good to find the relevant data, missing people and so on. Currently, Microsoft and Google have been working with many companies, and so they are on the verge of deciding that how to make use of the same in the practical world wisely. It is believed that once research is done on this, there would be the use of facial recognition technology by the first quarter of 2019. Also, the government of different countries will have to adopt and install new rules. This will ensure responsible use of the technology. Any new technology would have drawbacks as well and benefits. It is through mutual research that what benefits you can fetch and at the same time, what can be the issues that would erupt on account of anything new that might have several complications later.

Since Google has always been committed to responsible AI, there are a few things that it will have to consider in order to reach the levels of perfection for using this technology. Today, everyone depends on the right technology and perfect techniques. But what matters the most is how and what needs to be done.

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