Paul Pogba Denies Retirement Rumours, Affirms Commitment to Football Career

"I'm still a football player. Don't look at that stuff saying I'm retiring; I'm finished… I wanna fight for my career; I'm optimistic," Pogba declared, addressing recent conjecture surrounding his future in football

Amid swirling speculation and unfounded rumors, French midfielder Paul Pogba has emphatically quashed talks of an early retirement from professional football.

The 31-year-old, currently plying his trade with Juventus, spoke exclusively to Sky Sport on Tuesday to set the record straight and reaffirm his unwavering dedication to the beautiful game.


“I’m still a football player. Don’t look at that stuff saying I’m retiring; I’m finished… I wanna fight for my career; I’m optimistic,” Pogba declared, addressing recent conjecture surrounding his future in football.

Known for his dynamic playing style and significant impact on the field, Pogba’s statement comes as a direct response to mounting speculation about his potential departure from the sport.

The former Manchester United star, who has faced his fair share of challenges, including injuries and a doping controversy, made it unequivocally clear that retirement is not on his agenda.

“I’m not finished. I’m training hard! I’m still 100% footballer,” he affirmed, underscoring his determination to return to peak form and contribute meaningfully on the pitch once again.

Expressing eagerness and anticipation, Pogba expressed, “I can’t wait to return on the pitch,” revealing his earnest desire to resume competitive action and showcase his prowess.

Despite setbacks, the midfielder remains resolute in his commitment to football, emphasizing his ongoing dedication and focus. Pogba’s comments come at a pivotal moment in his career, amidst ongoing speculation about his future in professional football.


With his tenure at Juventus continuing, the midfielder is poised to overcome recent challenges and make a significant impact on the pitch once he returns.

Throughout his career, Pogba has garnered acclaim for his versatility, technical skills, and ability to influence games. From his early days at Manchester United to his current stint with Juventus, he has consistently been a pivotal figure on both domestic and international stages.

As the footballing world eagerly awaits his return to action, Pogba remains steadfast in his resolve to silence doubters and reaffirm his status as a top-tier midfielder.

With his sights set on upcoming challenges, he remains a beacon of determination and optimism, ready to write the next chapter of his illustrious career.

Paul Pogba’s recent statements have laid to rest any doubts regarding his commitment to football. With his passion undiminished and his focus unwavering, the French midfielder stands poised to continue making headlines for all the right reasons.

As he prepares for the next chapter in his football journey, one thing remains abundantly clear: Paul Pogba is far from done.


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