Read Here: Top Netflix Movies to watch on Africa Day

Africa Day, celebrated every year on May 25, 2023, is an annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity. The various countries in the continent also celebrate the event in commemorating the historical feat. On the occasion of Africa Day, some notable movies on Netflix celebrate the continent’s rich culture, aesthetics and history.

Stories are some of the most interesting forms of expression, along with entertainment. Accordingly, Movies and TV shows are often considered a mirror of society, and these nine movies and TV shows perfectly capture the essence of celebrating the 2023 edition of Africa Day. The First pick of the Netflix List is:


’76, alternately titled Lions of 76, is a Nigerian Historical drama. Izu Ojukwu directs the film. Set against Nigeria’s political upheavals in the 1970s. In this story, pregnant Suzie’s life turns upside down when authorities accuse her husband, Captain Dewa, of involvement in the failed 1976 military coup. The film stars Rita Dominic and Chidi Mokeme stars in title roles.

Further, The second pick on the list is Lionheart. The film revolves around Adaeze. In a male-dominated society, Adaeze has to step up and run the family business when her father falls ill. This iconic African story is also Nigeria’s first Netflix Original film.

The story that snags the third place in the list is King of Boys. This is the story of Eniola Salami. She is a powerful businesswoman with strong connections in the underworld. The main character embarks on an insatiable quest for power that drives her into politics. Further, triggering a power struggle that could cost her everything.

Meanwhile, The fourth story on the list is, Tsotssi. This Oscar-winning crime drama follows the story of a ruthless thug. The thug discovers a baby in the back seat of the car he stole from its mother.

The next story on the list is The Figurine. In this iconic African thriller, two friends discover a mystical sculpture that bestows seven years of good luck on anyone who finds it but has dark consequences in the following years.

The sixth story that must feature in the Africa Day watchlist is October 1. In this Nigerian psychological thriller, Detective Danlandi Waziri races against time to solve the recurring murders of women in the remote town of Akote before Nigeria’s Independence Day ceremony.


The seventh story on the list is Nairobi Half-Life. This is a story about grit and determination. Accordingly, This African drama follows the journey of Young Mwas as he moves from his rural village to Nairobi to succeed as an actor.

The penultimate story is, Ije: The Journey.
A story of sisterhood and its unbreakable bond. Accordingly, this iconic crime drama follows the story of Chioma as she travels to the USA to fight for the freedom of her sister, who got accusations of multiple murders.

The final story on the list is Gangsters Paradise: Jerusalem
This South African crime film follows the story of Lucky Kunene and his criminal enterprise in Johannesburg, which is under threat after attracting the attention of a powerful drug lord
and the police.

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