Sisi Yemmie shares glimpses from Tani’s Birthday, afterparty

Sisi Yemmie shared a "SISI WEEKLY vlog" where she recollected her daughter's birthday and showed her audiences some behind-the-scenes glimpses from the celebration, which concluded only days ago.

Prominent social media influencer, food vlogger and YouTuber Sisi Yemmie shared a “SISI WEEKLY vlog” where she recollected her daughter’s birthday and showed her audiences some behind-the-scenes glimpses from the celebration, which concluded only days ago.

In her video, Sisi Yemmie showed the audience the preparation of the venue before the celebrations began for her youngest’s first birthday. Sisi looked back at the event through clips and videos of her family and her guests. The birthday party was pink and candy-themed, Sisi’s favourite colour. Accordingly, the whole family dressed up in shades of pink. Tiara, even had her hair styled in pink.


During the party, The guests and the children enjoyed various interactive acticvities, including the Bounce Castle, the pool and much more. Meanwhile, the party extended into the night. In the lighting of the party, children enjoyed icecreams and fun in the “afterparty” while the adults enjoyed dancing and enjoying in the festivities.

Sisi Yemmie showed off many of her moves while dancing throughout the day. Meanwhile, her family, children and husband celebrated the first birthday of Tani. The next morning, the children woke up “for breakfast” after the “ice cream party” in the resort where they were staying for the party. The family, along with several other guests who had stayed back, took the opportunity to enjoy some more with the birthday girl.

The children played with the balloons for the first part of the day. They took turns competing who would burst more balloons than the other. In the video, Sisi showed her audience a rare moment of affection between her girls. In the clip, The older one, Tiara, was feeding her one-year-old sister suck-candies. All the kids and the families then went to the beach for a post-birthday trip. The kids played on the beach for hours. The kids were seen playing in the sand and making sandcastles on the shore.

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