Tayo Aina reaches 500K subscribers on YouTube, read about him here

A man of many talents, Nigerian Youtuber, Storyteller, content creator and filmmaker Tayo Aina, has reached the impressive milestone of half a million subscribers. He achieved the feat on November 26, 2022. 

Meanwhile, The Nigerian Youtuber commemorated the event with a post on his social media. In the post, he expressed that he was “halfway” with 500K subscribers in his bag. 


Reportedly, his post clarified that even though the milestone was most impressive, it was not enough. Aina has his priorities crystal clear. With his social media post, Tayo Aina made it abundantly clear that his next goal is getting a million followers on his youtube channel. 

Meanwhile, The post announcing the completion of Tayo Aina’s 500k family on YouTube was met with enthusiasm by his fans. 

Additionally, Many of his fans congratulated him for this most impressive feat. One of the commenters wrote: Congratulations, bro. (Achieving)This (feat) is pure hard work! Resilience! Tireless energy! Sleepless nights! Impact! The sky is only your starting point. One love 

Further, Another fan wrote: Well deserved. Keep up the excellent work.

Reportedly, The passionate and driven Youth is an independent filmmaker and self-acclaimed storyteller. He graces his youtube page with high-quality content from his travels across Africa. 


Recently, the YouTuber was on a trip across the continent. He shared small videos from his journey on his social media. His fans received the video and pictorial glimpses into the YouTuber’s life with much enthusiasm. 

In a recent picture he shared on his social media, he featured at the famous Lake Como in Italy. According to Aina, the location was on his travel wishlist. He wrote: When I started making videos, I read and watched videos about the famous Lake Como. Everything seemed out of reach then, but here we are now. It’s our time!

Under this post, his fans and followers quickly celebrated his accomplishment with uplifting words. 

Someone wrote:

Started from the bottom now we’re here!

One of them was even transported back to the place. He was remembering several years in the past.

Along with the accomplishment of 500k subscribers, Youtube has enabled Aina to travel to his heart’s content. He is free to travel across the globe. However, his dedication to his craft is evident in his creation of quality content on all his escapades. His recent cross-continent visit took him to Seychelles, Egypt, and Cape Town, among other places.

Evidently, The lifestyle YouTuber and content creator is one of Nigeria’s most humble, down-to-earth YouTubers. According to his twitter, it becomes apparent from the fact that after reaching the half-a-million checkpoint, he posted on his Twitter for his audience to ask questions. Through this exercise, he wanted to encourage other budding artists to become successful on a platform like Youtube.

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