Nigerian YouTuber Tayo Aina shares video of himself ice-skating

Nigerian YouTuber Tayo Aina shares video of himself ice-skating

Tayo Aina, a fairly renowned Nigerian YouTuber from hailing from Lagos, has shared a video on his social media accounts featuring himself on a trip to Cape Town. Here, the “storyteller” shared his experience trying ice skating for the first time. It was a video from the popular short video platform, Tiktok. He had created the video for his official account, named “TayoAinaFilms.”

The video features a voiceover from Aina, where the audience can hear him narrating his experience of Ice skating for the first time. The video starts with the YouTuber from Lagos stating that he was on a trip to Cape Town, and he abandoned his plan to go out and watch a movie and instead decided to try to learn how to skate.


In his own words, Tayo Aina stated that on getting to the skating rink, he got a bit intimidated, seeing the people there attempting various stunts. Meanwhile, the words on Aina’s mind were, “I hope I don’t break my ankle doing this”

Further, in the video, the Nigerian YouTuber with a taste for adventure could be seen attempting to try to skate “for the first time on a skating rink” The adventure spirit in his head wanted him to “just try it.”

According to the video, the storyteller struggled on the rink for a short time before finding his footing. He started enjoying the experience.

In his own words, within two seconds, he started feeling like he was a pro skater. However, shortly afterwards, he realized that it was not true as he “slipped and fell on the ground”. At this point, he revealed that he did not have footage of the “falling”. (His followers on the internet believe that Aina omitted the footage on purpose to avoid embarrassment)

However, an adventurer’s pride can hardly let them give up easily. Consequently, he got back to his feet to try again.


According to the voiceover in the video, thirty minutes of “failure” later, he was successfully skating on the rink. He expressed that the experience was magical.

On social media, the video received a lot of love from the followers of the storyteller

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