Kanye West blasts ex wife’s shapewear and clothing brand for raciness

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand has found the limelight after her ex-husband, Kanye West shared his issues relating to the brand.

Popular American Model, media personality and Entrepreneur Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and clothing brand, SKIMS, has found the limelight after her ex-husband, Kanye West shared his issues relating to the brand.

On Thursday, October 6, Kanye West featured on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. During the show, West took the opportunity to express his disappointment over his ex-wife Kim’s clothing brand.


Reportedly, Kanye was angry at being kept in the dark about the fact that he held a smaller stake in the company than American Billionaire businessman Joshua Kushner.

Allegedly, Kanye was shocked upon learning that Joshua Kushner, married to model Karlie Kloss, owned 10% of the brand, while West only held 5%.

Afterwards, Kanye also attacked SKIMS – a company valued at $3.2 billion as of January 2022 – for its racy ads and imagery.

On the show, where Kanye made an appearance on Thursday, the American Rapper talked about this.

He said, “I had dinner with Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Josh (Joshua) Kushner, and a couple days later, I found out that Josh Kushner had 10% of SKIMS. He said that this was a line he had developed with Kim.”

He also told Carlson, “I had a lot of issues with the imagery of SKIMS,”


“I found out after this dinner, Josh Kushner had 10% of SKIMS, and I had 5% of SKIMS… and I’m sure Jared still has a piece of that. I said, ‘Hey, Josh, what if I had 10% of [Kushner’s wife] Karlie Kloss’ lingerie shapewear swimsuit line, and you have 5% of it, and you didn’t know? How would that make you feel?’

He was passionate about his expression of his anger on the situation.

He also expressed his disappointment over his ex-wife’s brand imagery. He said he felt like there was a lot of imagery that was overly sexualised.

Further, he stated that this is not something he would want his wife or daughter to do to sell a product. Many of the brand’s images feature Kardashian posing barely dressed.

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