Difference between DSP and AD network

Programmatic has rushed into digital advertising and changed the area completely. Some marketers, company owners has just understood its principles, but the situation hasn’t become better. It caused even more confusion between DSP and advertising network. Well, guys, it is high time to bring matters under control and discuss benefits and disadvantages of each option. Here we go!

Advertising network has nothing programmatic in itself. Generally it deals with the remnant inventory the Publisher couldn’t sell. All the impression are sold by network at fix prices. It can be considered pretty convenient as all the parties can exactly count their expenses and incomes, accordingly.

But, at the same time, the Publishers may find irrelevant or undesirable ads on his website. The Advertiser, in its turn, is also interested in his offers being posted at relevant playgrounds as thus he may see better results. Otherwise it may turn out a waste of money.

If we talk about Ad Exchange, there we have some technological implementation. Fundamentally, both networks and publishers can sell the inventory using programmatic approach. To say it simply, it is like Sotheby’s but for advertising. The whole process runs online in real-time mode. There are options to buy the ads directly or using Demand Side or Supply-Side Platforms available as well. Some of example is Polus Media advertise platform

Main benefit of the approach is that the ads become more personalized for every single user. It helps to kill two birds with one stone: to decrease visitors’ anger about advertising and to show something really interesting and, probably, relevant to users needs and interests.

Publishers are also in better position here, as the focus in this case is not on the traffic he had, but on the characteristics of his visitor.

And now marketers and publishers should exclaim that programmatic should be used only, no to traditional ad networks. It seems to be a good idea, however such figures do not hurry to leave the stage and hurry up to adopt new trends. Yes, good old ad networks start obtaining programmatic characteristics.

Depending on the type of your business and its goals there can be options what to choose from these ones.

If you are a Publisher, you should certainly try a new technology. Nobody says to break up with other means of selling inventory, but you can try several things at the same time and decide what will suit you most of all.

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