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Anja Ringgren Loven invites bids for NGO childrens’ paintings

The Founder of the Nigeria-based Non-Government Organization, Anja Ringgren Land of Hope, travels to Denmark to deliver several lectures. On the side of these lectures, the NGO is also auctioning the paintings created by the children.

Saint Lucia: Mc Claude Emmanuel strives to retain high repution of CBI Programme

The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia, under the leadership of Mc Claude Emmanuel, has taken several steps to retain the top-of-the-line standards of Saint Lucia. The International community considers the Programme among the best-rated programmes in the world. Saint Lucia is one of the world's newest Citizenship by Investment Programmes.

Cameroon: Road accident leaves one dead after being dragged behind truck

The Bafoussam region of Cameroon witnessed a tragic road rash incident on Friday Afternoon, April 28, 2023. The road accident resulted in the death of the victim, Christian Sandio.

Know Here, interesting historical facts about Wagadu civilization

The Wagadu civilization is a historical empire in Ancient Ghana. It was one of the greatest and most influential African empires in the history of the world

Saint Lucia: CMO Sharon Belmar-George attends CARPHA meeting in Bahamas

The Chief Medical Officer of Saint Lucia, Dr Sharon Belmar-George, represented the island at the third Regional Tourism and Health Steering Committee and Stakeholders Meeting of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

Pakistan struggles with religious extremism for decades, Read Here

For several decades since independence, Pakistan has been struggling with issues of religious extremism. The country, predominantly Islamic in its constitution, has witnessed the rise of several extremist groups in these decades

India: G20 to be held in Srinagar, Intl Politicians share excitement

India is hosting a G20 conference in srinagar. The authorities have scheduled the conference for May 22, 2023. After the heads of India announced the event dates, the International community showed excitement about visiting India for the meeting.

Saint Lucia: Dep PM Ernest Hilaire shares Line-up for Jazz Fest Fringe events

The Deputy Prime Minster of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, who handles the responsibility for the Ministry of Tourism and creative economy, has taken to his social media to announce the lineup for fringe events.

Everything you need to know about Kikuyu Ethnic Group of Kenya

The Kikuyu are a Bantu ethnic group that is native to Central Kenya. At a population of around 9 million they account for roughly...

Read here Interesting Facts about Ethiopia, nation that never saw colonization

Ethiopia is a unique country in several different aspects. The nation is located in the Horn of Africa. It remains one of the rare few countries that never saw colonization.

Michael Ogueke believes Polygamy is no solution for infidelity

Michael Ogueke has taken to his social media to claim that polygamy is not the solution to Infidelity. he confessed that it is foolish to believe polygamy cures Infidelity & promiscuity.

Saint Lucia: Dep. PM Ernest Hilaire shares highlights from PM’s Budget address

The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, has shared some highlights of the budget presentation made by the Prime Minister, Philip J Pierre. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also claimed that this budget puts the people of Saint Lucia First


Latest articles

India: Downgrading video of Indira Gandhi assassination condemned

The High Commissioner of Canada to India, Camron MacKay has expressed his displeasure on staging an event celebrating the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was one of the most celebrated politicians of the country.

Anja Ringgren Loven shares inspiring transformation of Saviour

Land of Hope rescued Saviour ten years ago. It was nearly at the beginning of the endeavour. The NGO had just started their work for the well-being of the children

Dominica: Weekly DBS Radio programme discusses hurricane season

Experts of hurricane season and  disaster management in Dominica attended this week's edition of the Focus on Government and Development radio show.

Read Here: 10 things about Africa, world does not know

The second largest continent in the world, Africa is home to some of the most fascinating history. The continent houses fifty four nations, which the UN recognizes. Further, Each country is home to hundreds of ethnic groups recognizable by their various languages and lifestyles.