Comrade Phils urges women to remain alert with problematic men

Comrade Phils has repeatedly taken to his social media to express his opinion about human behaviour, especially about men.

Executive editor of the Bespoke pan-African online newspaper, UK, REPORT AFRIQUE International Comrade Phils has repeatedly taken to his social media to express his opinion about human behaviour, especially about men. His recent post comes after several incidents came to light where men have harmed (or killed) women. Usually, these men tend to know the women closely.

In the post, he urged the women to Read the signs early. With this, he is referring to the personality of their male friends or significant others.


Philip Thomas believes that Men are naturally ashamed to beg, even from their fellow men. After making the observation, he addressed the woman, saying, If you are a woman and a man who intends to be in a relationship with you openly begs you for money often, run.

He clarified, in the post, “I am not saying women cannot help their men. I am saying any man who considers begging from women normal is a problem waiting to explode.”

He further explained his view stating that by culture and natural instincts, men want the women to respect them. While some egoistic ones just want respect for the mere fact of being male, real men want to earn that respect.

They want to earn, provide, secure and protect their women. They want the women to value them for who they are and what they represent in their Ives outside of just being the man.

So, he concludes that naturally, a good man would try to provide and protect. Anyone who does the opposite freely is a bag of trouble waiting to explode. Don’t wait for him to explode, dump him.

Comrade Phils, (Philip Thomas) noted, “This is because as a woman, you will get tired of giving to a man than a man would do to a woman. And when you stop giving, the entitled Lilly livered fellow will become a mini tyrant, demanding those things you gave as his rights.


He would want to tell you how he is the man of the house because your money is his money. As you disagree and  take your stand, his brain will tell him to prove to you that he is stronger. In situations like these, there are high possibilities of someone getting hurt or dying.

Thus, the executive editor of REPORT AFRIQUE International suggests the women Avoid trouble and run away on time. He urges them never to patronize it.

Philip Thomas noted that Nothing happens without warning signs.

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