Micheal Ogueke defends Bola Tinubu against drug trafficking allegations

Nigerian Author, Economist and Hotel Management advisor Micheal Ogueke has taken to his social media to defend Bola Ahmad Tinubu. Tinubu, who is the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, recently came under suspicion of drug trafficking.

According to Micheal Ogueke, Many Nigerians are suffering from incurable inferiority complex & mental servitude to anything West or America. Here, he referred to the source of the allegations on Tinubu.


Reportedly, The allegations arose after a certified copy of the judgment delivered by a United States (US) District Court in Illinois emerged on the internet. The judgement ordered the forfeiture of $460,000 against the APC presidential candidate.

While the judgement gave rise to suspicions and backlash for the APC Presidential candidate, Nigerian Author Micheal Ogueke chose to explain the situation in a different light.

Ogueke has revealed that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu worked in American accounting conglomerates of Delloitte, and Arthur Anderson, as well as in GTE, Mobil, Haskins & Sells. According to Ogueke, In his line of work, Tinubu received several generous bonus checks, which kept accumulating in his bank account. This was because he did not have an immediate need for the money.

According to the Facebook post published by Micheal Ogueke, Tinubu himself has repeatedly said in several interviews in the last 20 years that at the end of each contract in any company, he was paid huge bonuses running into millions of dollars by his parent employers.

Ogueke has alleged that the presence of money in a successful corporate worker’s bank account does not necessarily have to point to him being a criminal.

He stated that the officials and authorities of the US found that the proceeds which were under investigation were proceeds of legitimate sweat.


Ogueke attracted the attention of Nigerians to the fact that Tax Evasion is a big crime in the US. If someone is convicted, the crime attracts not less than 11 years in prison. However, Tinubu was neither indicted, arraigned, nor imprisoned by US authorities.

This is because investigations proved the money in his accounts were proceeds of legitimate & honest work as an international accountant.

He condemned the baseless hate of Nigerians directed at APC Candidate Bola Ahmad Tinubu. According to him, The US authorities never convicted Tinubu of any crimes.

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