Zamfara: Terrorists threaten to use kidnapped daughters of ex-official as accomplice in crimes

Terrorists have threatened to turn the Zamfara official's girls into the group's accomplices in criminal activities

Terrorists abducted two daughters and one domestic help of a former Accountant General of Zamfara State, Abubakar Bala – Furfuri. According to sources, The daughters of Furfuri have spent close to four months in captivity by the terrorists.

The terrorists have now threatened to turn the girls into the terrorist group’s accomplices in their criminal activities if the parents fail to pay the ransom which the terrorist group demanded from them. Per the threat, the group will use the girls to attract other victims and targets for future crimes.


The daughters of the former official of Accountant General of Zamfara state, Zulaihat and Zainab along with the househelp, who remains unidentified, have spent more than 4 months (128 days) in captivity.

The terrorists sent this threat through a recorded video, which was 2:39 minutes long. It was released on Monday morning.

In the video, the three ladies featured holding anti-aircraft guns, AK 47, LMG and other firearms.

The video started with one of the terrorists telling the girls that their parents believe that this issue is a joke or a lie.

He added that, they were not even after the money. He told the girls, We’ll just use you and increase our number of fighters or use you as new targets.”

Hereafter, another terrorist from the group interrupted and said “tell them (parents) if they don’t cooperate, we will keep disgracing you.”


One of the daughters of the former official of Zamfara State, Zulaihat, was seen pleading with her father to use every means to gather the ransom and free them from captivity.

In the 2:36 minutes long video, the girl was seen pleading with her father to rescue them from this situation. She addressed her father, saying, “Please, father, if you see this video, help and save us from this situation. We’re in a critical condition living here. Disregard those advising you against paying the ransom, please. Please don’t allow us to add another day in this condition.

She added that the terrorists had threatened to give the girls something that would make them forget their families. She also said that the terrorists have threatened to take them away, ensuring that their families may never see them again.

She pleaded with her father to save them from the situation, detailing how the terrorists planned to use them as pawns for their crimes.

According to a family source, Furfuri, the ex-accountant general of Zamfara State, and the family have seen the video.

According to the source, Furfuri has already paid the bandits millions of nairas as ransom. Following the payment, the group released some of the captives, who were abducted along with the three girls.

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