Auto Rickshaw Public Transport Mode introduced by Google Maps in NCT Delhi

Google launched a new attribute in its Maps. Commentators in Delhi will now be able to spot auto rickshaw in the Public Transport Mode in Maps. Now it is possible to view the suggested route for the ride and corresponding approximate auto rickshaw fare by simply selecting autorickshaw under the public transport mode. This feature will help commuters in planning trips, said Google in a statement.

The new attribute can be spotted in the “public transport” and “cab” modes in Google Maps. It is built on the expected trip route and the approximate fare is calculated based on the official fare model shared by Delhi Traffic Police. Commuters have to overpay for unfamiliar journeys as they don’t have any clue regarding the distance and shortest or the best route. With this new feature, users will get some idea and they can plan their journey more effectively. The approximate fare will help users in deciding the mode of transport among the different transport modes available explained Vishal Dutta, Product Manager, Google Maps. This feature is currently available in the Google Maps app for Android devices. But Google has yet not clarified if this attribute will be available in other cities in the near future.

If one wants to use this feature then one must update the Google Maps App to the latest version. Then open the application and search for the particular place and tap on directions and then on public transport tab. There is new section “also consider” where auto rickshaw can be viewed. Once the auto rickshaw mode of transport is chosen by clicking on the auto rickshaw icon on the screen one can see the estimated fare and traffic information about the journey and the route to be taken. To start the journey one can simply tap the “Navigate” icon. This is also available in the cab mode on Google Maps, the company said.

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