Apple Gets into Production with a New Show Peanuts Cartoon Series

The recent buzz is that Apple will get into production of the animated series. The show was initially created by Late American Cartoonist Charles Schulz. These reports got confirmed on Friday via a few sources. The stars in this series would be Snoopy and Peanuts gang. Since there is so much of competition Canadian group DHX Media was in thoughts as to whom to involve in this. Well, it came up to Apple and then the company was ready to produce the show. DHX Media would keep the rights up to 80 percent for this show. In the year 2017, DHX had purchased the stake for USD 345 million. So, the show would have Peanuts gang, Snoopy the Dog and a few kids for the show.

Apart from this, DHX Media is also believed to produce the other educational programs. This makes it clear that soon by 2019, Apple will come up with the video on demand service. Apple always wanted to get on with this and so now, the ambition would be fulfilled. Till date, the video content as available on iTunes was basically produced by the third parties.

Talking about the cartoonist who has to be given the credits, he started this cartoon strip in the year 1950. The newspaper strip ran through the years. In fact, in the year 2000, the final strip ran. In this year he passed away. These details have come from Charles M. Schulz Museum and so they just can’t be denied. It is believed that Apple will be in benefit after this deal and of course, it would benefit the media company too. Both of them seem to work hand in hand and so soon, there should be more news over this. So, just stay tuned and we will get you more over this when any more news comes on this!

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