Ghanaian MP Apologizes to Harry Maguire Amidst Economic Debates

During a recent budget debate in Ghana, Member of Parliament Isaac Adongo issued a public apology to Manchester United footballer Harry Maguire

Accra, Ghana: During a recent budget debate in Ghana, Member of Parliament Isaac Adongo issued a public apology to Manchester United footballer Harry Maguire.

The apology comes a year after Adongo’s controversial comparison between Maguire’s on-pitch performance and Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia’s economic management.


During the budget debate, Adongo acknowledged Maguire as a “transformational footballer” and praised his role as a “key player” for Manchester United.

This marks a significant shift from Adongo’s previous stance, where he likened Maguire to a threat in the Manchester United defense, sparking a wave of criticism and ridicule on social media.

The apology, however, did not signal a ceasefire in Adongo’s criticism of Vice-President Bawumia. In a pointed remark, Adongo stated, “As for our Maguire, he is now at the IMF, with a cup in hand,” referencing Bawumia’s role in the government’s economic management team and Ghana’s recent loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Ghana is currently grappling with its most severe economic crisis in years, with soaring government debt and the need for a substantial IMF loan.

In December 2022, inflation in the country reached a staggering 54%, though it has since fallen to around 35%. Adongo’s continued criticism suggests ongoing dissatisfaction with the economic measures taken by the government.

The comparison between Maguire and Bawumia last year drew widespread attention, with England manager Gareth Southgate condemning the mockery as “ridiculous treatment.”


Southgate praised Maguire as an “absolute stalwart” for the national team, while Maguire’s mother spoke out against the “disgraceful” and “unacceptable” abuse her son faced.

Ghanaians, reacting to Adongo’s recent apology, expressed mixed opinions. Some acknowledged Maguire’s improvement on the field but argued that the same cannot be said for the managers of the Ghanaian economy.

Others questioned the appropriateness of comparing a footballer to a political figure in the first place.

Adongo highlighted the government’s decision to increase taxes and tariffs on services as part of the agreement with the IMF.

This move sparked widespread anger among voters, leading to protests over the rising cost of living and unemployment in the country.

Despite the economic challenges, Ghana’s governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has selected Bawumia as its candidate for the 2024 elections.

Bawumia, set to be the first Muslim to contest the presidency under the NPP’s banner since 1992, has pledged to lead a “united and energized” party into the election.

He positions the NPP as the only party capable of transforming Ghana, emphasizing the need for stability amid the economic turmoil.

As the political landscape in Ghana evolves, the unexpected intersection of football and politics serves as a reminder of the diverse issues facing the nation.

The apology from MP Isaac Adongo reflects the dynamic nature of public discourse, where even seemingly unrelated figures can become symbols in the broader narrative of a country’s challenges and aspirations.


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