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The world is a complex web of interconnectedness. It is a place of robust activities, events, and programs occurring every minute. Even while you are reading this there is something crucial happening somewhere around the world. In such a context of numerous events occurring worldwide, it is indeed, difficult to keep a track of such events; particularly in present times where everyone is caught up with their busy lives. However, you have nothing to worry about it as we have got you covered. In the global news market, we deliver the finest, precise and relevant trending news of the world. It is a one-stop destination for mind nurturing and widening knowledge horizons.

We work with a motto to bring you closer to the real world and to the prominent range of events happening around the globe. We aim to do so by delivering you the information and data as soon as possible without compromising the quality and credibility of the data.

We cover the topics ranging from technology to science, entertainment, health, and business. You name a field of information and we have got that covered. Thereby providing an enriching experience by unraveling a robust world to you right at your comfort zone with just a click.

The intensity of the news covered includes both breaking news with universal appeal and events confining to a certain area, thence covering it all. Moreover, our articles are designed to gain the attention of readers interest and to improve retention ability of the readers. For the same, we have use visuals- images, graphs, and charts of proven quality.

With a dedicated team, we are here for you, and would always like to connect with our readers, have a conversation, criticization, and gradually assist you to gain what you wish. So, if you have got anything on your mind and if it is associated with Tech, don’t hesitate even a moment to contact us. We’ll strive our maximum to reply back your queries and assist you most sincerely and efficiently of our limit.

Our Team

TejaTeja Pagidimarri – Chief Editor

I am a Tech Content writer and full-time blogger. Started my career as Engineer in Larsen and Toubro LTD. with 3 years of experience in Hyderabad Metro Rail Project. I like learning new things and believe that there can never be an end to learning. You can shoot an Email: teja@breakingnews4you.com
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Editor’s Staff:

Achintam KarmakarAchintam Karmakar – Contributing Author

Hi, this is Achintam Karmakar, a Blogger, Freelancer, SEO Consultant, an Internet Marketer and a Crypto Trader. Born in 2000, I dream to achieve every goal I dream of being the best out of my own. Email: achintam@breakingnews4you.com

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JoshneJoshna Johnson – Senior Journalist

I am an average girl who believes hard work makes everything possible. I completed BE computer science and Diploma in Sound Engineering and can’t find my destiny on that. Music and Writing are the only things which make me happy and satisfied. Email: joshna@breakingnews4you.com
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Subhajit BhattacharyaSubhajit Bhattacharya – Contributing Author

The former Senior Producer at ITV NETWORK, a seasoned scribe with more than 9 years of experience in Content management and Journalism. Email: subhajit@breakingnews4you.com

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Thiru MaranThiru Maran  – Senior Journalist

Hello, this is Thiru – Freelancer, Blogger, and an SEO enthusiast. I am obsessed with tech, gadgets, automobile, smartphone photography and writing my musings on them. And I am happily hitched with writing as a profession. I believe that the stars are still there, even if you don’t see them shining. Email: thiru@breakingnews4you.com
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George T CGeorge T C – Contributing Author

An Engineer blogger, the technical aspects of the gadgets are of particular interest to me. It is far important to make use of technology to benefit the users than to have something for the sake of it. Email: george@breakingnews4you.com


Munendra RathoreMunendra Rathore – Contributing Author

I completed BE computer since engineering and I am Freelancer, Blogger, and website developer. I love to know more about the latest tech and writing about it. In free time I prefer listening to music and playing computer games. Email: munendra@breakingnews4you.com

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AanyaAanya Jain – Contributing Author

I am a good team player as well as an efficient individual performer. I am a strong media and communication professional with a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I am a passionate, optimistic, and dedicated professional who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. I am a skilled communicator, an adaptive writer, and an articulate anchor, one who is full of imagination. Email: aanya@breakingnews4you.com

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PrithaPritha Dasgupta

I love to explore new technologies and the beautiful world around us. I believe in sharing is caring and that’s why I write the latest news, give a review on the things I get to know to help you all. Email: pritha@breakingnews4you.com


You can be the next one You can be the next one – Contributing Author

You should be the person who can produce quality content, doing research on new ideas, able to test new gadgets/apps sent by companies on a daily basis.

Email: contact@breakingnews4you.com