5G Technology is One of the Biggest Bet as Well as a Challenge for Companies Globally

Internet of Things (IoT) has seen a lot of development in the past and IoT-based communications and video analytics/streaming is being considered by 5G technology so as to be deployed by 2020.  About two-thirds of organizations around the globe plan to do the same. But some companies are worried due to the lack of looking-forwardness of service providers in preparing the 5G networks by then. This was reported by a Gartner survey on Wednesday.

IoT communications have remained as one of the most popular target use cases for 5G. About 59 percent of the organizations took up the survey, thereby expecting 5G-capable networks to be used extensively for this purpose. The next popular use case is video, which has been chosen by 53 percent of the people who have taken the survey. All these figures were reported by Gartner survey during the “5G use case and adoption survey“.

Sylvain Fabre, the Senior Research Director at Gartner said thus- “In terms of 5G adoption, end-user organizations have clear demands and expectations for 5G use cases for the upcoming years. However, one major issue is that 5G users face a lack of readiness of communications service providers (CSPs). Their 5G networks are not available or capable enough to serve the needs of organizations.

To fully use the features of 5G, a new network topology is required, which will include new network elements such as edge computing, core network slicing, and radio network densification.

To explain the same, Fabre said thus- “In the short to medium term, organizations wanting to leverage 5G for use cases such as IoT communications, video, control and automation, fixed wireless access and high-performance edge analytics cannot fully rely on 5G public infrastructure for delivery. Most CSPs will only achieve a complete end-to-end 5G infrastructure on their public networks by the years 2025-to-2030 timeframe as they focus on 5G radio first, then core slicing and edge computing.”

Gartner survey has predicted that half of the CSPs which will complete commercial 5G deployments by 2022 will not be able to monetize their back-end technology infrastructure investments because their systems will not have the ability to fully meeting 5G use case requirements. Initially, the CSPs will focus only on the consumer broadband services, which might cause delays in the investments in edge computing and core slicing, and these are indeed more relevant and valuable with respect to 5G projects. In order to meet the demands of 5G, technology product managers have been planning the infrastructure solutions for 5G by focusing on 5G networks. This will offer 5G radio, core slicing as well as edge computing infrastructure and services for private networks. This was suggested by Gartner.

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